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Label Printing

Make your product the one that’s chosen.

Our labels stick and stay stuck.

Glass, metal or brick. Extreme heat or freezing cold. Indoors or outdoors.
We have even sent labels to sea; to be reliably stuck to metal drums floating in the full force of the elements.

Bottles of beer and wine are some of our favourite places to find our labels. They stay firm in the cold and wet of the fridge and resist rubbing during transport. All of this while presenting a strong look on the retail shelf.

What makes a great label?

  • The paper. Textured labels offer a superior, luxury appearance. Maybe you would like a pearlescent finish? For transparency or the ultimate endurance we would recommend a polypropylene material.
  • The design. You are likely to have your own brand identity you want to shout out from your labels. We can help. How about hot, flourescent colours? Or rich, matt blacks? If you can dream it, we can do it. If you are looking for design assistance our in house squad of graphic designers have got your back.
  • The finish. Metallic foils or subtle embossing give tactile personality to your product. Our resilient varnishes and laminates will protect your hard work, keeping it looking at its best.
  • The application. We have a range of adhesives catering to specific uses. What works for a beer bottle won’t suit a visitor’s pass. We will advise based on your needs. Likewise with the technical requirements for hand or machine application. Tell us what you need the labels to do and we’ll figure out your optimum solution.
  • The communication. Your labels have a job to do and it’s not all looking pretty on a shelf. We will give guidance on statutory content you need to include and check your UPC barcodes are up to scratch.

This is just a small snapshot of the print we can provide.
Please get in touch for more inspiration by phone on 0121 359 7931, 0121 753 7930 or email on the form below.

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