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Point of Sale Promotion

Be your best at the critical point of purchase.

Pump Clips and Font Lenses

Promote your guest beers and craft brews.

  • Standard ovals and circles
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Budget range for short residencies
  • Bespoke range adds metallic foils, acrylic domes and 3D forms for extra impact
  • Supplied with clips; ready to fit
  • Small quantities as welcome as large orders

Influence and inform your customers to increase your sales and their satisfaction.

Traditionally your Point of Sale (POS) collateral would be at or near the till to encourage last minute impulse purchases.
Now you can be more sophisticated by adding more opportunities to market specific products and influence purchases earlier in the sales funnel as well.

How can you sell more?

  • Start outside. Flags and banners can be attracting customers’ interest before they even reach your venue.
  • The greeting. A pop up kiosk where you can meet visitors face-to-face and promote an event, give out samples or capture contact details.
  • Don’t be shy. Make information easy to find. Employ interesting posters, table talkers and attractive signage to make your message clear.
  • Point of purchase. Pump clips and font lenses advertise guest brews at your bar. Hanging signs and strutted cards shout about your special offers.

Our customers’ favourites

Counters and Desks

Pull Up Roller Banners

Strutted Display Cards



Flags of All Shapes and Sizes

This is just a small snapshot of the print we can provide.
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